Entrepreneurial software engineer with plus 5+ years of experience across a variety of web and cloud technologies. In a nutshell:

2019: Joined engineering @Klarna building the consumer banking of tomorrow.

2017: Relocated to Berlin, the hottest tech hub in Europe. Here, I joined Lokalleads, digitalising lead generation for a one billion dollar industry: construction. Here I built production systems and APIs with 1Mil+ monthly transactions.

2016: Co-founded BMDG Partners, a software consulting company helping small and medium businesses thrive. As a CTO, I provided technical leadership and built and developed a team of engineers. BMDG went on to successfully serve 17+ enterprise customers breaking even after the second quarter.

2015: I joined Anima Ventures, an operational VC focused on social impact as an in-house technical leader. I have supported 7 startups to grow and develop their teams and products. Worked with a very diverse technology stack across different sectors(B2B, B2C) and industries(Ecommerce, Financial Services).

2014: At Imdea Research Institute, I built software for the aerospace industry. Our predictive algorithms process over 80TB of imaging data from Computed Tomography.